Help! I Have a Senior Citizen Stinky Dog!

A smelly old dog is taking a bath to help eliminate the odor.

Dogs in general are not exactly known for their appealing aroma. They like to roll in dead things and raid the litter box, and it is only natural that they don’t always smell like roses. Bayside Animal Hospital has met our share of smelly pups, though, and we know that senior pets in particular often smell for reasons we can fix. Read on to learn what we know about helping the stinky dog smell better. 


Common Health Issues in Senior Pets and How to Manage Them

Older dog with owner.

Responsible pet owners make a profound commitment to take care of their pets for life. While it may seem impossible to think about the senior years of a puppy or kitten, it’s worthwhile to pursue long-term health and wellness from their earliest months. As pets age, certain health conditions can become more prominent. We encourage owners of senior pets to maintain two wellness visits a year in order to support their pet’s changing needs, catch and treat issues early, and prevent associated problems with senior pet diseases. 


Managing Canine Arthritis

Senior dog.

Canine arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that can strike at any age, but it is more common in middle-aged and senior dogs. Risk factors include obesity, injury, elbow or hip dysplasia, Lyme Disease, genetics, and poor nutrition.