Fostering Healthy Bonds: The Crucial Role of Socialization in Pet Wellbeing

Two dogs playing together.

So many things go into being a good pet owner. It’s not too difficult to realize that you are responsible to feed, water, and shelter your animal of choice, but there are other things that go into having a happy and healthy pet. The team at Bayside Animal Hospital experiences each and every day how good pet socialization and training can help animals to thrive.


Back to School: Puppy Training Basics

Little girls playing school with dog.

It’s that time of year—the air is getting a little crisper, pumpkin spice lattes are on the horizon, and the kids are back in school. It’s also a great time to get back to the ABCs and 123s of puppy training. At Bayside Animal Hospital, school is back in session, and we have plenty of puppy training tips for you to review.


The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Your Pet’s Health and Wellness

Woman running with her dog.

What do great Danes, Yorkshire terriers, Siamese cats, and humans have in common? We all need regular exercise! If you struggle to give your pet—and yourself—enough daily exercise, the team at Bayside Animal Hospital has top pet exercise best pet exercise routines and tips to share. Let’s explore the health benefits of pet exercise together as we stroll into the summer months. 


Slow it Down Chowhound: My Puppy Eats Too Fast!

Puppy after eating.

Puppies are furry little bundles of energy that live life with gusto, whether they’re playing fetch, pouncing through the park, or licking the face of their favorite human. But when they attack their food bowl with the same fervor, it can be bad for their health.

At Bayside Animal Hospital, we love caring for your cuddly new additions and offering you advice on all aspects of puppy parenting. If you’ve got a dog eating fast, we’ve got tips to help you tame this bad habit.


Quirky Cat Behavior and Why Your Cat Kneads You

A cat kneading a blanket.

There are many wonderful things about cat ownership. These interesting little creatures never fail to bring unconditional love and some pretty entertaining habits to the table. Perhaps our favorite quirky cat behavior at Bayside Animal Hospital is when kitties make biscuits. While it is a pretty cute habit, it might be one that leaves you confused. Read on to shed some light on the mystery of this quirky cat behavior. 


Compulsive Pet Behaviors: Licking, Biting, and Scratching in Dogs

Dog scratching.

When it comes to mental illness, the pet population is not immune. Our animals can be affected by anxiety and other problems that can manifest in many ways. Compulsive pet behaviors are a common mental health concern that we see at Bayside Animal Hospital. Whether it be excessive licking, biting, chewing, or something else, there is no need for you and your pet to suffer. 


Animal Behavior: What Your Pets Are Telling You

Animal behavior.

Our pets don’t speak our language, and yet they communicate with us all the time. While it would be cool to have two-sided conversations with them, we can infer a great deal about what they’re thinking and feeling. Body language is their primary tool, and it’s essential we watch and listen closely. Animal behavior can be mysterious or confusing, but it can also be incredibly straightforward once you know the basics.