New Year, New Pet: Tips for Adopting in 2024

Puppy being adopted.

A new year signals a fresh start, and for many families, a new pet! If you’re considering adopting a pet in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has put together some helpful hints on pet adoption, new pet care, and other tips for welcoming a new pet.


Pet Adoption: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Shelter Companion

girl snuggles adopted cat.

If you have the time, resources, and room in your heart to adopt a pet from an animal shelter, you might feel tempted to rush out and bring home your furry friend now. But the team at Bayside Animal Hospital invites you to slow down and read our step-by-step guide to adopting a pet from a shelter.

Pet adoption is a big responsibility, after all, and rescue pets need extra TLC. Here’s what you need to know as you start on your incredible pet adoption journey: 


The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Your Pet’s Health and Wellness

Woman running with her dog.

What do great Danes, Yorkshire terriers, Siamese cats, and humans have in common? We all need regular exercise! If you struggle to give your pet—and yourself—enough daily exercise, the team at Bayside Animal Hospital has top pet exercise best pet exercise routines and tips to share. Let’s explore the health benefits of pet exercise together as we stroll into the summer months. 


Should I Take My Pet on Vacation With Me?

Cute dog on the beach.

Do you dream of relaxing on a sandy beach with your dog? Or perhaps you’d love to bring your cat along on a family road trip in the RV. You might be wondering, “Can I vacation with my pet?” 

The answer isn’t straightforward. Bayside Animal Hospital has several considerations for you to think about before you hit the road. 


Your Puppy’s First Year 

Cute puppy in food dish.

Congratulations on adopting a sweet, fluffy, curious, adorable puppy! Your puppy’s first year is full of absolute delights, but they wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful without certain challenges or surprises. You take the good, you take the bad, and at the end of their first year, you’ll be amazed at their progress. Perhaps more amazing is the personal growth that happens among owners of puppies. For all concerned, adopting, training, and supporting a puppy’s needs is an incredible adventure.


The Best Gifts for Your Pet This Holiday Season

Cute dog with holiday present.

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a time of giving. But what do you get for the pet who has everything?

When it comes to gifts, these are some of the best trending pet care products this Christmas. Buy one. Buy two. Or get them all! Your pet will love and thank you for it!


Places to Hike with Your Dog Near Granite Bay, CA

Family hiking with dog.

Named after the sandy cove hugging the western shore of Folsom Lake, Granite Bay is an upscale community in Placer County, CA, that offers beautiful scenery and several pet-friendly trails to hike with your dog.

Here are some tips for an enjoyable hike with your dog near Granite Bay.


Do Cats, Dogs, and Turkeys Mix? Thanksgiving Safety

Cute dog caught eating pie.

Turkey, with all the trimmings, is a Thanksgiving tradition, but is it OK to pass the holiday bird to your cat or dog? Pets and people foods don’t always mix, so follow these tips from our team at Bayside Animal Hospital before caving in to your pet’s hungry eyes and sharing any Turkey Day table scraps.


Safety for Vaping Around Pets

Girl vaping in her house.

We can all assume that smoking around your pets is probably not the best idea, but the waters become a little murkier when it comes to vaping. As this practice becomes more prevalent, the Bayside Animal Hospital staff get asked more and more, “can I vape in the same room as my pets?” Vaping around pets definitely requires some precautions, and not all are self-evident. 


How Much Does it Cost to Take Care of a Pet?

Pet owner hugging dog.

The love and companionship of a pet is positively priceless, but it certainly isn’t free! The lifetime cost of a dog/cat can be substantial, and our team at Bayside Animal Hospital is here to help you venture into pet parenthood with realistic expectations about the annual costs of pet care.