The Importance of Wellness Exams for Dogs and Cats

Puppy veterinarian visit.

Pet wellness visits are a vital element of overall pet health and wellness because they give us the opportunity to create and monitor a health baseline throughout various life stages. When we first get to know your pet, these visits give us the best view of his or her “normal” when it comes to daily wellness. Keep reading to learn more about these visits and how we use them to keep your pets as healthy (and as happy) as possible.


5 Ways to Tell You’re a Responsible Pet Owner

Pet and owner doing yoga together.

There’s much more to being a responsible pet parent than filling food and water dishes daily. Opening your home and heart to a pet is a serious commitment that entails providing adequate healthcare, a safe environment, and plenty of attention and TLC throughout your pet’s life. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we celebrate the human-animal bond, and we’re here with the resources and support you need to create a healthy and happy home for your pet. If you’re wondering how to be a responsible pet owner, here are five ways to tell that you’re doing a great job! 


Animal Behavior: What Your Pets Are Telling You

Animal behavior.

Our pets don’t speak our language, and yet they communicate with us all the time. While it would be cool to have two-sided conversations with them, we can infer a great deal about what they’re thinking and feeling. Body language is their primary tool, and it’s essential we watch and listen closely. Animal behavior can be mysterious or confusing, but it can also be incredibly straightforward once you know the basics.


Bringing Holiday Pet Safety to the Next Level

Pet holiday safety.

Seasoned pet owners are pretty good about seeing risks long before their pets even approach them. But among the many things that the holidays are good for, lapses in our judgment and vigilance rank pretty high. Don’t worry: with our gentle reminders, your approach to holiday pet safety can quickly and successfully reduce any potential risks to your pet this year.


Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Pet cancer awareness.

Advancements in veterinary medicine have helped our dogs and cats live longer than ever before. With longer lifespans, however, comes a higher risk for certain diseases like cancer. Approximately 6 million dogs and 6 million cats are diagnosed with cancer each year. November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and the team at Bayside Animal Hospital wants to help you learn more about the disease and what you need to know to protect your pets.