Cute girl with puppies.

Are you looking for the perfect pooch to suit your family dynamic? The dog lovers from Bayside Animal Hospital are here to help! 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Dog

Dogs make great pets for kids, providing a source of unconditional love while teaching responsibility and compassion. To help you choose the breed that’s best for your family, consider these three factors: 

Personality: Dogs that make great companions for kids are those with calm, easygoing temperaments. 

Energy Level: Match the energy level and exercise needs of the breed with your family’s lifestyle. High-energy breeds do best with active families. 

Size: Size alone doesn’t determine if a dog is a good fit for a family. Some large dogs are quite calm, while some small dogs are extremely excitable. Personality, energy level, and size should all be evaluated before bringing a dog home. 

5 Top Dogs to Consider

The list of dog breeds can seem overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down to five fabulous options for family-friendly dogs.

Mixed-breed Rescues

Adopting a shelter pet actually saves two lives: the one you adopted and the one you’ve made space for at the shelter. Mixed-breeds can combine the best of two breeds (or more!) into one lovable dog. Plus, those caring for the dog at the shelter can fill you in on the dog’s personality traits. 

Golden Retrievers

Confident, kind, and extremely patient, golden retrievers are the perfect pets for kids. Golden Retrievers are always up for a game of Frisbee, so your kiddos will have a built-in playmate. Their spectacular coats do need brushing at least twice a week, which is a task that even young children can help with. 

Labrador Retrievers

Highly intelligent and trainable, labrador retrievers reign supreme as one of the most popular dog breeds for families. They do need a lot of exercise, so they make a great fit for active families. A weekly combing is all that’s needed for their short coats, and they even come in colors—black, chocolate, and yellow—all of which share the same traits that make these playful pooches such popular pets. 


Calm and small-sized, beagles blend well with most families, particularly those who enjoy the great outdoors. Beagles are also smart with a congenial personality that makes them ideal for households with other pets. They do tend to shed, so make sure you’ve got time for frequent grooming. 

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are currently one of the most popular toy breeds in the United States. Patient, laid-back, and friendly, these kid-friendly Frenchies are small in stature, but built on a sturdy foundation that makes them great playmates for children. 

No matter what breed you choose, and whether you welcome home a new puppy or open your hearts to an older dog, we are here to support you and your pet with exceptional, comprehensive veterinary care. Please give us a call to schedule a wellness visit. We look forward to meeting your new family dog!