Pet and owner doing yoga together.

There’s much more to being a responsible pet parent than filling food and water dishes daily. Opening your home and heart to a pet is a serious commitment that entails providing adequate healthcare, a safe environment, and plenty of attention and TLC throughout your pet’s life. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we celebrate the human-animal bond, and we’re here with the resources and support you need to create a healthy and happy home for your pet. If you’re wondering how to be a responsible pet owner, here are five ways to tell that you’re doing a great job! 

  1. Your Pet Receives Necessary Healthcare

Maintaining annual wellness exams that include heartworm and parasite prevention, vaccines, and weight and nutritional counseling is the most important thing you can do for your pet. It’s also important to help control our country’s animal overpopulation problem by having your pets spayed or neutered. And make sure you familiarize yourself with common signs that your pet is sick so you can seek additional medical treatment when needed. 

  1. Your Pet Has a Healthy Mouth

Most pets have developed gum disease by the time they’re 3 years old, and this condition causes more than bad breath. Without proper attention, the bacteria from dental diseases can travel through the blood and cause serious health issues in other parts of the body. Routine dental visits coupled with oral hygiene at home can ensure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums. 

  1. Your Pet Gets Plenty of Physical and Mental Stimulation

Exercise isn’t just for weight management. Dogs and cats that get plenty of constructive playtime are happier, more well-behaved pets. Physical and mental stimulation can also help relieve stress and mitigate destructive behavior caused by boredom. 

  1. Your Home is Safe for Pets

Having a pet-friendly home means protecting your furry friend from common household substances that can be dangerous for animals, including cleaning products, medications, plants, and toxic foods. Also, keep trash cans covered and toilet lids down, and if you’ve got a “chewer,” keep cords tacked down and the floors free of small objects.

  1. You are Prepared for Emergencies or Disasters

Being prepared for emergencies and natural disasters like wildfires is critical for pet parents. Make sure your pet wears up-to-date identification, and consider having your pet microchipped. You should have an evacuation kit containing food, medications, a first aid kit, sanitation and cleaning products, a crate or carrier, and toys, and have a predetermined plan for emergencies.  

From wellness and preventive care to surgery, urgent care, and dentistry, our team is here to support your journey through pet parenthood. Please contact us at (916) 791-8387 for more tips on how to be a responsible pet owner or to schedule an appointment.