Dog at urgent care visit

Pet emergencies are never fun. Guessing whether your dog needs a same-day appointment or can wait for a little bit can add even more stress to an already stressful situation. Bayside Animal Hospital has a list of our top ten signs that your pet needs an urgent care appointment.  

1. You Think Your Dog Might Have Eaten Something Abnormal

Ingestion of a toxic substance or object that may cause an obstruction is a do not wait item. Quick action can ensure options that prevent the toxin from leading to a fatal situation.

Potentially worrisome items include toxic foods like chocolate or xylitol, medications or drugs, and household items that are likely to pose a problem such as corn cobs or large amounts of cloth. 

2. Your Pet Is Vomiting or Has Diarrhea

More than two episodes of vomiting or diarrhea in a 24-hour period is cause for concern and warrant a same-day appointment. In particular, small or very young pets can become dehydrated quickly and require medical intervention. Unproductive retching can also be a sign of the serious emergency condition bloat. 

3. Your Dog’s Breathing is Not Right 

Any change in the respiratory system requires urgent care. Labored breathing, heavy breathing at rest, coughing, nasal drainage, or blue-to-gray mucous membranes or tongue are potential pet emergencies. Changes in breathing can be a symptom of many serious conditions such as feline asthma, heatstroke, and infection. 

4. You are Noticing Neurological Changes or Seizures

If your pet is having seizures (especially if they have no history of seizures), seems uncoordinated or is disoriented, urgent care is advisable. 

5. Your Pet is Having Trouble Urinating

A sudden increase in urination, straining to urinate, or posturing to urinate unproductively are all signs that your pet needs to be seen as soon as possible. Conditions such as a urinary obstruction can be life threatening. 

6. There is an Eye Problem

Pet eye problems are notoriously troublesome. It can be very difficult to differentiate serious problems from more benign trouble at home, and eye problems are known for being quite painful. If your pet is squinting, there is eye discharge, or there is an obvious change to one or both eyes, they should be evaluated right away. 

7. Your Dog is Not Eating

If your dog is not eating over a 24 hour period (8–12 hours for very small or young pets), they should be looked at right away to determine what is going on. 

8. You Suspect an Allergic Reaction

Thankfully most allergic reactions in dogs and cats do not result in respiratory distress like they do in humans. Allergic reactions in pets often result in hives, facial swelling, and vomiting and/or diarrhea. Severe reactions can result in anaphylactic shock. All typically require some treatment to help the pet. 

9. Your Pet is Exhibiting Signs of Pain or Injury

If you can see that your pet has a wound or injury of some kind, or if they are exhibiting signs of pain, we should see your pet for a same-day appointment. Likewise, if you know that your pet has had some kind of trauma such as being stepped on or hit by a car, evaluation is recommended even if no outward injuries are visible. 

10. Your Pet’s Personality is Not Right

You know your pet better than anyone. Pet seems lethargic? Not following the usual routine? Hiding more than normal? If something seems wrong, it is best to get it checked out. 

Contact us for a same day appointment. The sooner we diagnose and treat many health issues, the better.