Dog hiding from loud noises.

Nothing says summer like family barbecues, apple pie and 4th of July celebrations. But while you’re marveling at how well the music and fireworks are synchronized, your dog may be experiencing levels of anxiety that could significantly impact his mental and physical health. 

Strange, loud noises, like the sound of fireworks are scary for pets. And while we can’t completely shield our pets from every loud sound, there are steps we can take to protect dogs during fireworks.

Peruse these tips from the pet lovers at Bayside Animal Hospital to help keep your dog calm and safe during 4th of July fireworks. 

Microchip Your Pet

According to the American Kennel Club, more pets run away on July 4 and 5 than any other day of the year. A dog afraid of fireworks may panic and break free from his leash. If your pet must travel with you, a microchip provides your best chance of being reunited with your dog.

Leave Your Dog at Home

Strange surroundings with loud noises and flashing lights are no place for a pet, so leave your dog at home when you head to an Independence Day festival or celebration. 

Create a Safe Space

Isolate your dog in a bedroom or other familiar space with his blanket and some favorite toys. Tune a radio to soothing music or use a white noise machine to mask the sounds of firecrackers or fireworks. 

Provide Companionship

If you can, join your dog in his “safe room” to keep him comfortable, or ask a trusted friend or family member to stay with him during fireworks. 

Walk Him Before Dark

If you and your dog normally enjoy a long walk after dark, head out early so you won’t be outside when the fireworks in your community begin.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

Since so many communities have their own fireworks displays, it can be hard to avoid the noise altogether. If you fear your dog’s reaction to fireworks will be severe, schedule an appointment to talk with us about medications that could help keep your dog calm. We’re also happy to discuss the use of thundershirts and over-the-counter calming remedies that could provide some relief for your dog.

We want both you and your dog to enjoy safe, stress-free summer celebrations. Please contact us (916) 791-8387 to request an appointment or if you’d like more insights on keeping your dog calm during fireworks.