Dog getting a shot

While sudden, emergency illnesses or injuries can befall any pet, many health problems can be completely or partially circumvented through regular preventive care. The ability to see, test, and treat various health conditions before symptoms become unmanageable is recognized as the best approach to pet health. Preventive pet care is at the cornerstone of modern veterinary medicine and responsible pet ownership. 

Ahead of the Curve

Preventing disease is a critical component of both pet ownership and veterinary medicine. Pet wellness exams should be scheduled every 6-12 months depending on age and medical history. Not only an opportunity to update vaccinations and parasite prevention methods, preventive pet care focuses on nutrition, dental care, and behavior. 

An Ounce of Prevention

While it may seem counterintuitive to bring a healthy pet to the vet, the fact is that preventive medicine has the potential to catch problems long before they create clinical symptoms. In other words, preventive pet care is an investment in a pet’s future health. By opting into routine wellness exams, pet owners may thwart expensive treatments down the road. 

The Role of Diagnostics

Many common health conditions affecting today’s pets may not create noticeable or obvious symptoms. Screening a pet for various health problems can lead us to early detection and a positive outcome. Waiting for problems to develop can negatively impact prognosis and even result in decreased quality of life and early mortality. Since pets are living longer than ever before, age-related health conditions are increasingly common. 

On the Same Team

Our team strives to go the extra mile with every pet patient and their owners. We take valuable time to get to know our patients and their families, and work toward transparency and open communication. To this end, the opportunity to develop a baseline of health for normal, young pets helps us stay in front of potential complications as they age. 

We conduct a thorough nose-to-tail examination in the presence of every pet’s owners so we may freely discuss concerns and answer any questions. This personalized approach to preventive pet care is what sets Bayside Animal Hospital apart. 

Preventive Pet Care for the Win

You can expect the following at every pet wellness exam:

  • Weight and nutrition guidance customized for your pet’s age and lifestyle
  • Dental check, information regarding brushing at home and a possible scheduling of an annual dental exam/cleaning/X-rays under anesthesia
  • Bloodwork
  • Testing for tick-borne illness and heartworm disease
  • Parasite prevention tactics
  • Vaccination boosters, if necessary
  • Physical exam

Puppies and kittens need to follow a vaccination schedule that spans their first year, and then routine wellness checks occur every 12 months. Senior pets and those with health conditions should be examined every 6 months as a way to promote optimal health. 

If you have questions about routine preventive pet care, or our pet wellness plans, we are always happy to assist you at (916) 791-8387.