Puppy being adopted.

A new year signals a fresh start, and for many families, a new pet! If you’re considering adopting a pet in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has put together some helpful hints on pet adoption, new pet care, and other tips for welcoming a new pet.

Pet Adoption Considerations

New pet care goes beyond purchasing a few supplies and then hoping for the best. Welcoming a new pet requires careful planning to ensure the ideal fit for both you and your furry new family member. These pet adoption tips can help you prepare:

  • Make sure you have the budget, time, and headspace to properly care for a pet throughout their lives (10-15 years for a dog and up to 20 years for a cat).
  • Consider the size, breed, and temperament that will fit your family’s lifestyle.
  • Pet-proof your home before welcoming a new pet. This includes putting household toxins like cleaning supplies, medications, and poisonous houseplants out of reach, keeping garbage cans tightly closed, and using baby gates to section off areas of the home.
  • Do you already have pets? Bone-up on ways to safely introduce new pets to existing ones.
  • Line up professionals that your pet will need, including a veterinarian, groomer, trainer, and dog walker.

Adopting a Rescue Pet

Adopting shelter animals is a beautiful way to give pets the furever homes they deserve. Adopting a rescue pet not only saves the life of your new pet, but it also frees up space for another deserving animal. 

The friendly team at your local animal shelter will walk you through the pet adoption process, from introducing you to animals to answering your questions and ensuring that you’ve found a good match

Each shelter has its own pet adoption process, but here are some general pet adoption guidelines:

  • Fill out all paperwork completely and accurately. Some shelters have the option of filling out online applications prior to visiting.
  • Before you go, check the shelter’s website for helpful information, including photos and details about current animals available for adoption.
  • Bring all members of the household to the meet-and-greet.
  • Make sure you understand everything included in the adoption fee, such as spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and microchipping.
  • Ask if the shelter has a “welcome back” policy in case the pet isn’t a good fit.

New Pet Care

Once your new pet is home sweet home, schedule a wellness examination so we can make sure your pet is in good health. We will review your pet’s medical records, create a customized schedule for vaccines and other preventive care, and answer your questions about new pet care.

Welcoming a new pet is always an exciting time, and if you plan on adopting a pet in 2024, we hope you will consider Bayside Animal Hospital for your pet’s care. Please contact us at (916) 791-8387 to schedule a visit with your new pet.