How Much Does it Cost to Take Care of a Pet?

Pet owner hugging dog.

The love and companionship of a pet is positively priceless, but it certainly isn’t free! The lifetime cost of a dog/cat can be substantial, and our team at Bayside Animal Hospital is here to help you venture into pet parenthood with realistic expectations about the annual costs of pet care.


5 Ways to Tell You’re a Responsible Pet Owner

Pet and owner doing yoga together.

There’s much more to being a responsible pet parent than filling food and water dishes daily. Opening your home and heart to a pet is a serious commitment that entails providing adequate healthcare, a safe environment, and plenty of attention and TLC throughout your pet’s life. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we celebrate the human-animal bond, and we’re here with the resources and support you need to create a healthy and happy home for your pet. If you’re wondering how to be a responsible pet owner, here are five ways to tell that you’re doing a great job! 


Your Guide to Sago Palm Poisoning in Dogs

A potted sago palm overlooking the landscape.

California is a pretty great place to live when you are a dog. Nowhere is without potential pitfalls, however, and one danger of the West Coast lifestyle is the sago palm. At Bayside Animal Hospital we see our fair share of pets having dangerous encounters with this toxic plant. We hope with a little education, our pet parents will have a better understanding about sago palm toxicity in dogs and how to avoid this common concern.


Dog Allergies: Symptoms and Treatment

Dog biting an itch.

Dog allergies are itchy business, and we treat many pets with allergies here at Bayside Animal Hospital. If your dog is constantly scratching, biting, or licking part of his body, or if his fur is missing in places, he could have allergies. Read on for an explanation of common dog allergies and symptoms, and what to do if you suspect that your pup has allergies. 


Keep Pets Safe in the Heat

Dog cooling off by fan.

High temps can be hard for pets to tolerate, especially seniors, overweight pets, and those with certain medical conditions. Dog breeds with flat faces, such as pugs and bulldogs, are also at a higher risk of heat-related illness, as are snub-nosed cats like Persians and Himalayans.  


Why is My Dog Shaking So Much?

A trembling or shaking dog wrapped up in a blanket because it is cold.

Dog trembling or quivering is often associated with small breeds, like chihuahuas, but dogs of any size can experience the shivers and shakes. Many things can cause shaking or trembling in dogs. 

Sometimes the culprit is obvious. Is your small dog shaking because he’s cold or happy to see you? Those are easy fixes. But if your dog suddenly starts to tremble for no apparent reason, it’s important to contact your veterinarian to rule out the possibility that an illness or injury is to blame. 

Does your dog shiver or tremble? If so, read on for potential causes. The team at Bayside Animal Hospital is here to help you understand why your favorite canine companion is shaking or trembling and what you can do to help your four-legged friend.


Should I Get a Puppy Companion for an Older Dog?

A senior dog with a younger companion puppy.

Your senior dog has been your loving companion for years, and if he’s slowing down and staying closer to home, it’s natural to want him to have a friend by his side. 

At Bayside Animal Hospital, we love providing expert dog and puppy care, plus senior pet care, to help pets stay healthy and active throughout their lives. If you’re thinking of getting a puppy with an older dog, our team has some helpful hints for making the best decision for your aging pet.


What Can I Do for My Dog During Firecracker Noise?

Dog hiding from loud noises.

Nothing says summer like family barbecues, apple pie and 4th of July celebrations. But while you’re marveling at how well the music and fireworks are synchronized, your dog may be experiencing levels of anxiety that could significantly impact his mental and physical health. 


Slow it Down Chowhound: My Puppy Eats Too Fast!

Puppy after eating.

Puppies are furry little bundles of energy that live life with gusto, whether they’re playing fetch, pouncing through the park, or licking the face of their favorite human. But when they attack their food bowl with the same fervor, it can be bad for their health.

At Bayside Animal Hospital, we love caring for your cuddly new additions and offering you advice on all aspects of puppy parenting. If you’ve got a dog eating fast, we’ve got tips to help you tame this bad habit.